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consistancy is the mother of all mastery

after creating an application or compliance policy in Intune Preview I can choose Manage then Assignments then Select Groups to Assign it to users or groups

Inline image 1

In Intune legacy, I can Manage Deployment to Deploy the object to users/devices.

Inline image 2

In configmgr (hybrid) I can Deploy the app (or whatever) to users/devices etc...

Inline image 3

wouldn't it be nice if this was consistent in all platforms, and we used the same terminology to deploy apps and settings ?

changing it to 'Assignments' is just adding more confusion imho


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ncbrady shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
noted  ·  AdminCathy Moya (Program Manager, Microsoft Intune) responded  · 

Noted, but I checked with Engineering and they opted to align with the Azure Active Directory terminology instead of the Configuration Manager terminology. Since they don’t expect many people to be switching back and forth, and Azure is the workflow path we’ve chose, we’re aligning there. I’ll leave this open, and call it noted, but it would take a huge vote count to even get them to consider this.


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