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Monitoring of Intune

SCOM Management Pack or Tool to have insight into the environment. I don’t want to have to create distributed applications within SCOM. We would like monitoring of Conditional Access, Device Communication, etc. I want something pre-packaged where I can view the Hopkins specific Intune\SCCM infrastructure using a dashboard or console. Example of the types of information below that would be valuable to Enterprise organizations:
Proactively Monitor Full Mobile Transactions Across Your Infrastructure
• Monitor all service quality and performance in real-time across backend systems, mobile servers, NOCs, carrier networks and devices
• Get a 360 view across all your infrastructure
• Integrate with your existing enterprise monitoring tools
Receive Alerts Before Service is Impacted
• Receive proactive alerts on issues across all components of your mobile deployment
• Identify deviations from normal baselines to find issues others miss
• Identify issues before they impact service
Tune Your Mobile Infrastructure to Ensure Optimal Performance
• Identify trouble points and take corrective action
• Know when you need to adjust configuration or capacity to support growth
• Get more out of your existing infrastructure investments
Client Side Monitoring-VIP alerting
• Device has not communicated in X amount of time.
• Device has enable/disabled data.
• Device is jailbroken, rooted, or running a non OEM ROM
• Passcode disabled
• Virus or Malware Detection
• Low Storage Capacity
• Low RAM
• Warranty Expiration
• iOS/Android OS version change
• Device uptime
• WIFI status (on or off)
• Last iCloud backup or fails to run
• Encryption status
• iOS version alert if falls below recommended level
• Backup issues (Mac)

Application Monitoring
• Time since last contact to management server
• Method of last contact to management server (Wi-Fi or Cellular)
• Time since last contact to Exchange server
• Method of last contact to Exchange server (Wi-Fi or Cellular)

Infrastructure Monitoring
• Loss of carrier connection
• Number of switches between Wi-Fi & Cellular networks
• Percentage of time on Wi-Fi & Cellular networks
• Carrier change (Switching Carriers)
• Carrier connection change (Switching from US based carriers to other global carriers such as Rogers when traveling worldwide)

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