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Allow Cut, Copy & Paste Between Managed Apps, Without Requiring to Save first

Copying from managed app into another managed app is not possible unless the document being pasted into is first saved into OneDrive or Sharepoint.

-Office file type e-mail attachment is viewed from within in the managed Outlook App
-Content is copied from the managed Outlook App and pasted into a Managed Office App, in a new blank document (Excel, Word, etc)
-Warning is displayed that “Your organization’s data cannot be pasted here”
-Only when saving the new blank document into OneDrive or Sharepoint, will the Paste-In functionality work

Since both apps are already "managed" there shouldn't need to be an extra step to manually have to save the document first.

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  • AdminCathy Moya (Program Manager, Microsoft Intune) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi @Ghaida,
    I can't tell from your comment below if you are a user at a company that uses Intune or an IT administrator for Intune.

    If you’re the Intune Admin, you should open an Intune support case and someone can help you with password recovery. But if you’re someone at an organization that uses Intune, you’d need to contact your help desk and have your IT department help.

    If you are an admin, or if you want to share this with your admin, go to for more information about how to open a support case.
    Hope that helps!

  • Ghaida commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I forgot my paasword and when sent my email I received password rest but i con't enter in this page!!

    Could you please help me to change it!!??

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