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General Enrollment Bundle packs

So far, I see there is multiple solutions available like:
MDM, MAM, Conditional Access, WIP, App Protection Policy, Azure RMS, Legacy Protocols, Modern Authentication etc.
Would be great if we could have option to select like “Bundle Pack” for Enrollment in Device Management with Security behind, at least in Documentation level.
As example now to setup nice MDM, but with some protection, we need go Azure, Azure RMS, Intune, Intune App Protection and everywhere we need enable something and read&search per product the description of “how to enable” this service and integrate with each other, this takes a lot of time, as need understand, how and where it works together, in order to be able to support users at the end.
Would be great to have some offer from Microsoft already, as example bundle pack “MDM and Medium Security”, where it is fully Documented what will be protected, and where to enable all those futures. Of course, would be nice if all this can be automated by enabling something (checkbox) and that it will apply settings to device and all settings in an Azure Tenant & Office 365.
I understand that Microsoft offer a product and it is our choice to select what is needed for business, but honestly, for big organizations or mid-size, all futures you offer, to combine together is not so easy when you work with live users.

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  • Oka commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Study articles is good anyway, you know every product build & how work with, but agreed, takes a lot of time, your solution would simplify delivery of MDM for Business needs.
    Hangs up to Microsoft :)

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