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Applications already installed listed in Company Apps

If I already installed an application from Company Apps it still displays there. Instead it should redirect to the application or not be listed if it's installed on the device.

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  • Kazzan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes, the button to launch application or view to installed company apps will be great.

  • Arnab Biswas, Intune Product Team commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    @Loren Okuly's comment:
    1) Notifying users of required apps is an Android platform limitation. Only Samsung KNOX devices can install required sideloaded apps without user interaction.

    2) The concept of 'compliance' is related to Conditional Access for Exchange email and SharePoint Online. It only relates to device settings that the user must comply with in order to gain access to resources protected by Conditional Access. Hence, it follows that not installing a required app, while not to the IT admin's liking, is not a compliance issue by definition.

    3) Regarding web apps, while we recognize the value of consistency, there are certain platform-specific conventions and limitations that we always need to consider. We built an experience for web apps that we felt best completed the scenario in the most platform-specific manner. An end-user is most used to the conventions of his/her device platform and the designed experiences should be accordingly familiar for a user on the specific platform.

  • Loren Okuly commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    How about other app management issues as well. For example. With Android, when you set an app to required install, how come it doesn't just install on the device. If I have a managed device and the admin wants to force an app to be installed on my device the best that can be done is a notification to the user that there is a required application that the user should install?? is that an android limitation or an intune limitation? And.... when that's done and the user chooses not to install the app, should it really be marked as in compliance? Seems like there is something lacking here. Web apps as well, why is the functionality different between android, ios and WP? When you deploy a web app, on iOS an app is installed. On android, the app gets added to a list in a widget somewhere (Super lame) and with windows phone, neither one, instead you have to open the company portal every time and select browse. How about some consistency?

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