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  1. Apple Watch - Expose these devices when they are attached to an enrolled iPhone and ensure that company data is managed.

  2. Add application inventory data into Intune data warehouse to generate PowerBI report

  3. Discovered Apps Should be Compilation of All Discovered Apps Data

  4. Intune Graph API should be accessible non-interactively  ·  completed

  5. MAM support for Delve on both IOS and Android  ·  under review

  6. MAM App Selective Wipe on Terminated Users

  7. Intune Policy to force iPhone backup on OneDrive for Business instead of iCloud.

  8. Discovered Apps update as part of Manual Sync

  9. Allow Management of Date and Time settings via InTune

  10. Ability to open zipped attachment in Managed Outlook App

  11. Allow "Select apps to exempt" for "Receive data from other apps" in MAM policies

  12. When using a Microsoft Edge, we want MAM to implement a function inhibits uploading a data of corporate area to a personal area.

  13. Enable intune to delete outlook profile from windows desktops and mac

  14. Intune Device Compliance Evaluation not stable (False/Positive)  ·  referred to customer support

  15. My organization requires more apps to support Microsoft Intune Mobile App Management (MAM)

  16. Change registereed owner for corporate owned devices  ·  release in progress

  17. Integrate Apple CallKit to Outlook for iOS for caller identification

  18. Prevent iOS App updates using Mobile Data

  19. Add photo gallery to the Data Transfer Exemption list "Allow app to receive data from other apps" setting

  20. Find Your Phone  ·  release in progress

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