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    B. Miller commented  · 

    Here are the steps I took to create an exemption allowing .wav files to be played by Google Music Player from within the Outlook App on Android devices protected by Intune MDM:

    1. Login to the Azure Portal (
    2. Choose Intune
    3. Choose Client Apps
    4. Choose App protection policies
    5. Choose the policy you want to edit (i.e. policy for Android)
    6. Choose Properties
    7. Choose Data Protection
    8. You likely have the setting “Send org data to other apps” set to “Policy managed apps”
    9. Directly below this you can configure “Select apps to exempt”
    10. Choose Select
    11. Here you can add apps so that protected apps will be allowed to send data to them (i.e. Outlook to Google Play Music)
    12. Add the name “Google Play Music” and use “” for the value
    13. Click Ok
    14. Click Save

    I had Azure Information Protection (AIP) installed and it was opening to attempt to play the .wav file but didn’t play the file correctly. I uninstalled this app so the Google Play Music App would be the default program to play .wav files. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Google Play Music app just in case after uninstalling the AIP app. After taking these steps, the Google Music Play app opened when I chose a .wav file from an Outlook App email in my Inbox and it played correctly.

    I read on a Microsoft site that these changes can take from 24-48 hours to take effect sometimes. Uninstalling and reinstalling apps may have expedited this, but I can’t say definitively.

    Here is the website I for reference on how to set up the exemption:

    I will post the same warning here you will see on the Intune site based on the steps I created above: “Caution: modifying these settings changes how Intune blocks or allows data transfer to other applications. Do not modify these settings unless you understand the potential for data leaks.”

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